Club Banger EP

by Club Banger

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So after writing and recording this EP, our drummer was forced to leave the band. We decided to go ahead and put this out anyways.

All proceeds will go to Lambda Legal (


released November 30, 2011

Recorded by Matthew Walter at Boat Records
Mastered by David Watson

Special thanks to Eric Roebuck for playing as a second drummer and helping form these songs in Club Banger's previous incarnation, Da Bears.

Album layout by Aetoric Design (



all rights reserved


Club Banger Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Roody Poo Candyass
These streets we walk on
Will crumble under the stress
We carry under our tongues
And the weight we hold
And the syllables we let out

So much talking
And it's so loud
Loud enough to drown out
All the sounds
We don't need a language to make

I used to draw you
Spit you out
Some lines like lips
Never made it to the hips

Glasses and lashes
And your smile
Our days were numbered
Just like the colors were

There are things you can't take with you
Isn't that always the case?
I felt I could ride forever
I wish I could have kept the nerve to

Love and forget all the shitty things
To forgive and remember there's more than petty issues
But I'm only human and my pride takes more than
10 months to recover, till there's room to clear the air

Was it worth it in the end?
Weren't we impressed with all the stress we got over again?
Track Name: Slippery When Ditka
Everything you loved about this place
Won't ever change as long as you remember
It's the things you do. I still can't remember
The directions to...

We can't stay quiet now
But we won't say a word
These lips are bound by the
Bonds of what we have shared

All those things your parents told you
Won't always come true. And you know
It's the things you do. I still can't remember
All the reasons why
When called in the middle of the night
Too drunk to drive
You'd still be my ride

Everything that you thought you knew
Just got fucked up again
Puzzle pieces soaked in beer
And the summer always ends

You are the reason for
(I lost my keys)
Miles and markers
(Missed the breeze of the summer air)
Making and mending values lighter and darker
(You were breathing from your boney skinned knees)
Alpha Omega, beginning and end
(And the waves that crashed into me so I couldn't see)
We're screwed
(My way home)


This is why the reasons are gone
And you can't stand to see my face anymore
Pleasantly killing our time
And you know we're doing the same thing to ourselves with the time
And the feeling is mutual
I wish I could be as high when we both realized
The feeling's still mutual

You might be the Octopus' garden
Or the girl with diamonds in the sky
Expansive like the word itself. You're gaudy
How could I ever relate you to that?

My lungs are full
But I should save my breath now
There's no hope
At least that's what coach told me
Track Name: Capitalism Rules Because We Can Buy Pizza
As a child I learned to fear
The power of what's there
Down where I stare

What you don't know is I'm always watching
Looking to see every detail

And when I reached a certain age
I learned that some things never change
And I am not over this fact (no I am not)

I'm always looking to find
Imperfection in those eyes
The beholder is higher than a kite
From staring too long in your magic mirror

We're not moving
But you aren't either

You'll never know
How things will go
Because you'll always miss the one true thing
That you were meant to find

So it's come down to this
A firebreathers kiss
Couldn't disinfect rumors we hear about you now

This is my pizza
And 12 ounce soda
It was $2.50
That's how it should be

Now the night is over
What was the final score?
Our squad is always awesome
6, 7, 8, 9, Ten High is the best (or the worst)
Track Name: Hot Rodding Teenagers From Dimension X
With the least expectation
Of coming out alive
I know I've made it home from worse than this
Or at least I think so
You can't be too sure these days anymore
Or so I've been told
By the people I don't know

I couldn't believe how it all had worked out
But as I grew I saw how it all fit together
"But can you believe how much he's had?"
"Do you think he's had enough?" ("Now I think he's had enough")
And so has she
Now there's no we
There's just me, myself, and why.

As you grow, you'll learn
(This could take a long time)
That it comes with the wisdom of age
And you can deal with your own rejections

I picked myself up and kept on breathing
Because tomorrow should be another day
It's the thought that when it's over
We'll go home and drinks some beers together

Drink some beers now
We're gonna go drink some beers now